Details on the podcast…

Deep Americana is created and hosted by Ray M. Carney and Wes Unruh. Deep Americana is a podcast that is intended to provoke and provide conversations.

The Deep Americana podcast has been focused on breaking bad barriers of “isms.” The first season delved into mental illness and disability, as well as individual methods of coping.

Season two delves into immigration, how covid-19 has disrupted lives, and frank discussions on institutional and personal racism.

With Season three, Deep Americana takes on new hosts and topics, using creativity to hopefully educate and empower various our audiences. Season three saw the development of new guest host Josh, as well as bringing back friends from previous seasons thus broadening the focus.

Season four is a new approach, a single story told over thirteen episodes that explores the life and knowledge of Wes Unruh, an adoptee, who found his biological family after 23 years of actively searching.

Season five is now in development, expect a return to interviews and discussions about creative expression and unique perspectives to drop late this year.

Glad you all are enjoying this!

Ray & Wes