I was creator and host for the podcast Ripple, distributed on Alterati in 2007-2009, which would be some of the first cultural and art-centered podcasts on the internet.

I’ve returned to podcasting in a new way with my current creative endeavors, which are intended to provoke and provide conversations. I believe in creativity being used to educate and empower the audience, and so I intertwine conversations and narratives in oils paintings and illustration through satire. The Deep Americana podcast has been focused on breaking bad barriers of “isms.” The first season delved into mental illness and disability, as well as individual methods of coping.

Season two delves into immigration, how covid-19 has disrupted lives, and frank discussions on institutional and personal racism. With all of the podcasts I’ve been involved in the point is the conversation and I tend to move away from scripted formats. I’m driven to help people find ways to communicate their own experiences.

With Season three, Deep Americana takes on new hosts and topics. I’m developing new guest hosts, bringing back friends, and broadening the focus. Here’s to another great season, glad you all are enjoying this.