Tom Petty on Confederate Flag

Thoughts about the current headline from Rolling Stone:

Tom Petty on Past Confederate Flag Use:’It Was Downright Stupid’

The individual is an ideological actor of the community from which the individual’s identity is projected. The community becomes a consequence of individual motivations, and retains the institutional memory of transgressive acts. Online communities are the results of interests and beliefs coming into alignment with enough other individuals that collective action results.

On the internet, nobody knows if your dog is an ant.

When a performance, or spectacle, is enacted within a public space, it is foreshadowed through decisions, beliefs, and espoused aggrievements of the individual within a sanctioned counter-public. It is to the community’s name that such actions are justly laid, and their symbolic and iconic touchstones become burdened with the ramifications and reifications of the individual’s performative action.

Expect revised assessment of such iconography as a collective response.

“[The flag] shouldn’t represent us in any way,” Petty says. “We should be more concerned with why the police are killing black men for no reason”