Regarding “Trends” in Social Movements

Are there trends? There are patterns, and there are consequences, and there are those who can make connections some others may not be able to see. But trends?

Trends predict behaviours, which are always subject to disruptions. To say there are trends in events is to overlook hooks in the patterns which conflate events with emergent properties. “Trends” is your word for the limits of your decision to interrogate the ecological frame, the domain within which the thing in itself spread mind to mind.

There are carriers – platforms, or narrowcasters, which can stage a showcase of the now, patterns which often feel flat even before the end of the season – but to cause a a tectonic shift in the culture, penetrate a generational psychic landscape and perform surgical remapping of a symbolic arrangements of culture? To trigger a trend in spiritual revival, or political determinism, or some new singular direction? That takes jazz. 

Trends are a moth on a pin behind glass in a museum.

People exhibit collective decisions, and perform those decisions publicly, mediated, and siloed, and stacked – this performance, recording, and exhibition is a moment, a glimpse of eternity. We are self-similar, and apophenic. We are patterns, hooked into each other, hooked into the environment. Our movement is always already interconnected.

That said, I recognize my thoughts are in conflict, at times dovetailing, at times at odds, with the thoughts traditionally expressed within academia.